Home Staging Consultation *Please allow for 1-2 hours

Staging consultations are for homes that are currently occupied and are getting ready to sell. Consultations are the first step to the best sale possible. Your home stager will provide a plan of action with specific goals to emphasize a home’s positive features while reducing any possible negatives. These transformations will assist in creating beautiful MLS pictures that will get any buyer’s attention! We will begin with a professional onsite tour of your home, where the stager will take detailed notes and photograph each space from multiple angles.  You will receive a customized staging report within 2-3 days, that is unique to your home, and will include necessary steps to ensure your property is market and photo-ready. Day, evening and weekend appointments available. Your consultation report will address the following:

– Buyer Demographics

– Curb appeal assessment

– Decluttering, organizing and cleaning

–  Repairs, maintenance, and updates

– Neutral paint recommendations that will brighten and make rooms feel more spacious.

– Provide service referrals (contractor, painter, electrician), if needed.

– A quote for a return visit, detailing a “hands-on” staging, where your home is reimagined and transformed into a buyer’s dream. See Owner Occupied Staging Services for more details.


Virtual Staging Consultation *Please allow for 1-2 hours

We provide the same service for our virtual staging consults, as we do our home consults, just from afar. With virtual, we never have to meet physically, but will still create a plan of action to ready your house for the market and attract would-be buyers. For virtual consultations, we ask homeowners to send us multiple photos of every room prior to a scheduled “walk-through” over the phone, facetime or skype. Homeowners will receive a customized staging report within 2-3 days, that is unique to their home, and will include the necessary steps to ensure your home is market and photo-ready. Day, evening and weekend appointments available. Payment must be received prior to the scheduled call.



Owner Occupied Staging *Please allow ~ 6-8 hours

This service is recommended for sellers who have completed their consultation “homework” and want to be competitive in the market. Staging your home will produce beautiful photos and set you up for great first impressions. This is a complete staging service where the stager will arrange furniture, accessories, and artwork to create an attractive home that will appeal to any buyer. Our goal is to enhance the flow of your home, create balance in each room, and showcase important architectural details that will result in a faster and more profitable sale. We will use as much of the homeowner’s decor as possible, but will provide any necessary accessories to enhance the environment including, on-trend bedding, lamps, artwork, etc. (No large furniture). These decor items will be included FREE in the staging fee for the first month. If they are needed longer, rental rate will be 20% retail cost, a month thereafter. Homeowners are under no obligation to rent staging props, and the stager will remove them at any point requested. Owner Occupied Staging Service includes::

– Arrange furniture to make rooms feel more open and spacious

– Accessorize with tasteful décor to showcase property

– Create memory points and enhance emotional attachment for potential buyers

– Accentuate positive focal points that will draw the buyer’s attention

– Downplay negatives that homebuyers may perceive as a challenge

* $150 an hour

*First month of staging props free. If needed longer, monthly rental rate is 20% of retail cost. Soft goods only available for photo session and will be removed afterwards.

*$50 destaging fee (prop removal) 


Vacant Staging  *Please allow 1-2 days

Most people are unable to envision how an empty home will work for them and their family, and so are less likely to buy. We will preview your property, then select the most suitable furniture and décor that will showcase your home, making sure to meet the expectations of your buyers and be competitive with other properties.
* $150 an hour
* $150 De-staging fee
* Furniture and decor rental TBD.

Interior Color Consultation *Please allow 2 hours for the initial consult

You can often tell when a room needs a fresh coat of paint, but the options seem overwhelming. If you are struggling to find the perfect paint color for your space or have it coordinate with your existing color scheme, then a color consultation is for you! By assessing the current undertones in your surroundings, I can find the color that will work best and highlight your home’s beautiful features.
* $150 for initial consult
* $75 an hour thereafter

Home Redesign   *Please allow 2 hours for the initial consult

Do you want a fresh new look in your home, but aren’t planning on selling? Redesign services are for you, then! We will use your own furnishings and décor, as well as make recommendations to enhance your current space. Together, we will develop a design plan that includes paint colors, what you already own and what you may need to purchase in order to complete your design. Our redesign service includes:

-Help with decorating a single room or an entire home.

Space planning

-Recommendations on furniture arrangement, lighting, artwork, window dressings, accessories and finishing touches

-Support with remodeling choices for additions, kitchen, and bath renovations

-Help with paint color and color scheme selection

-Shopping assistance available with or without you

*Initial consult is $150. *Please allow up to 2hours

*Hourly rate is $75 if the client decides to move forward after consultation and implement design plans.




Note for Realtors

I am here to support you and make your job easier.  I believe it is important to develop rapport and trust with your clients, so that we can all work together. Staging is but one portion of your overall marketing plan and I respect my role, to ensure your clients are happy and excited to work towards the sale of their home.