It is no secret that staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes, but did you know that staging can also increase the perceived value? Our goal is to have buyers walk inside and immediately feel an emotional connection to your home.


Home Staging Consultations

Staging consultations are for homes that are currently occupied and are getting ready to sell. Consultations are the first step to the best sale possible and will provide you the information and knowledge you need to stand out in today’s market. Many items we recommend can be done exclusively by the homeowner and who will be given a plan of action that will help the property become market and photo ready.

$125 (includes written report for home owner and realtor)

Staging Session

This service is recommended for sellers who have completed their consultation “homework” and want to ensure a quick sale for top dollar. A professional staging session will produce beautiful photos and set you up for great first impressions. This is a complete staging service where we arrange furniture, art and décor to create an attractive home that will stand out and appeal to as many people as possible. If needed, we will bring in staging props to enhance the space and show off its fullest potential. This is a great option if the homeowner could benefit from more than what they already own, so they can market their home with the best competitive edge.

Fee Structure:

Varies based on the size of the home and scope of the project. We work with the homeowner’s budget in mind, so we will prioritize accordingly. An estimate will be given after the initial consult.


Interior Color Consultation

You can often tell when a room needs a fresh coat of paint, but the options seem overwhelming. By assessing your home’s existing features, we will be able to find the color that works best with your space and bring new life to the place you call home.

Fee Structure

$200 for initial consult and up to 2 hours

$75 an hour thereafter if additional support is needed.


Note for Realtors

I am here to support you and make your job easier. I believe it is important to develop rapport and trust with your clients so that we can all work together. Staging is but one portion of your overall marketing plan, and I respect my role, to ensure your clients are happy and eager to work towards the successful sale of their home.